Your Conveyor System Wants to Be Heard: 8 things to prevent downtime and cut maintenance costs

If you listen closely, your conveyor systems are speaking to you. All of the squeaks, slaps, and grinding noises made by bearings, belts, chains, rollers and other vital components want your attention to head-off potential issues and reduce big-time replacement and other operating costs.

A good time to perform conveyor maintenance is when there’s no production and the plant is relatively quiet. Since all C&M Conveyors are equipped with energy-saving controls to turn off after a period of not being used, conveyors must be activated to permit safe and effective detection of potential issues.

Activate conveyors by cycling power, activating automatic function or flagging photo-eyes where product enters or exits. A single corrugated sheet works great to flag the photo eyes. Never, of course, stand on a conveyor unless it’s locked out.

Then listen to eight audible voices calling for your attention:

  • Air leaking
  • Bearings squeaking
  • Motors whining
  • Gear boxes grinding
  • Rollers squealing
  • Chains popping
  • Belts slapping
  • Guards chattering

When any of this chatter tells you that your systems are out of sync, proper maintenance will restore harmony to your conveyor lines.

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