This car consists of Reversing Power Live Roller (PLR) Conveyor fabricated on a 6'' Tubular structural steel frame with a 36'' wide Operator Platform provided along one side of the car. The Operator Platform surface is covered with a four-way safety walk plate, and a guard rail is provided along the edge of the platform. This device is used for transfer of product from one conveyor to another conveyor and is often utilized when a larger Transfer Car is not required. The Shuttle Car can include manual controls, which can be performed onboard by utilizing the "Jog" Forward/Reverse controls provided on the Operator Platform, and/or Automatic controls to service specified pick-up and delivery points. The car also includes Entry/Exit photo-eyes on the conveyor(s) to assist in loading the car.

Guidance: In-floor center guide track with a 1-3/4'' opening in which two guide mechanisms.

Controls: An optional onboard Allen Bradley Series 5 Programmable Controller located in a control panel on the Operator Platform will provide Automatic and Manual Control. An optional Variable Frequency Controller provides smooth acceleration and deceleration. Slow down and over travel limits are provided.

Support Wheels: Four (4) 8'' "Poly-Type" wheel assemblies in precision flange-mounted bearings. Surface must be smooth and level to ensure proper operation and to prolong wheel life.

Safety Features: The car is equipped with Pressure Sensitive Safety Bumpers at both ends (standard) and Fail-Safe Sensors, which stop the car when obstructions are detected ahead of the car (standard). Warning light and audible signal with automatic decibel tone are also provided to signal the car is in motion. The car has Emergency Stop Buttons located at the control station (when applicable).

Sideframe: 5'' x 6.7# Structural Channel with 1/4'' x 2-1/2'' "Drop-In" Roller Support Bar. Rollers are 10 gauge, 2-1/2'' diameter on 3'' centers supported by 11/16'' hex shafts. Bearings are all heavy duty, greased, shielded and sealed with a load rating of 750# per roller.

Controls: Available with Manual, Automatic, or OEM Controls. All rotational positioning is performed through proximity sensors mounted to the base of the device. Conveyor includes photo-eye activated controls for both ends.

PSC Drive: 1 or 1-1/2 hp Brakemotor with Variable Frequency controller capable of achieving a high speed of 100 fpm.

Conveyor Drive: 1 hp totally enclosed industrial rated 1750 rpm motor.

Power: Festoon cable connects to a mast mounted to the car.

Preassembly: Unit is wired to the Onboard Control Panel at the factory.

Conveyor Height: 12'' TOR minimum.

Capacity: 5,000 lbs. maximum.

Voltage: System Voltage is 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz with 115 volt, single phase control voltage.

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single bed operator driven roller bed shuttle car
power shuttle car line drawing