Belt Driven Conveyor with 2-1/2'' "Drop-In" Rollers on 3'' centers. Drive belt is in contact with the Load Carrying Rollers at all times, and operation of the conveyor must be controlled by starting and stopping the motor. Conveyor is generally manufactured assembled but can be built with modular Drive, Take-Up and (as required) Midsections, which can be extended to a maximum OAL of 20'. Structurally the conveyor can handle up to 3,000 lbs. per foot but is limited by the motor's total HP capacity as listed below. Standard design allows for conversion to "Accumulating" operation by the addition of Air Mounts and Controls (modular construction must be specified).

Drive Sections: Free standing "weldments" available in lengths from 3' through 6'-6'' in 3'' increments. Additional cross bracing is provided to minimize flexing of unit.

  • 7'' dia. Drive Pulley with vulcanized rubber surface; 1-1/2'' dia. shaft mounted in precision pillow block bearings.
  • Drive totally enclosed industrial rated 1750 rpm motor mounted to an in-line reducer for the speed reduction as specified. Drive motor with in-line reducer is grease-filled and maintenance-free for a 2-year period.
  • Drive package located within and under the side frames and requires no pits or floor work.

Sections: Free standing "weldments" available in lengths from 3' through 6'-6'' in 3'' increments. Additional cross bracing is provided to minimize flexing of unit.

  • Take-Up Pulley is 4'' dia. crowned with 18'' face width; 1-1/4'' dia. shaft mounted in precision pillow block bearings with captive screw set horizontal adjustment for belt tracking.

Midsections: Knocked down or Optional Free Standing. Lengths from 1' through 6'-6'' in 3'' increments


Sideframes: 5'' x 6.7# Structural Channel with 1/4'' x 2-1/2'' "drop-in" roller support bar.

  • Structural load rating is 3,000 lbs. per foot.

Load Carrying Rollers: 2-1/2'' O.D. x 10 Ga. wall "Drop-In" Style.

  • Counter-bored to accept a grease-packed Teflon sealed bearing (lubricant is waterproof and high temperature resistant) having twelve _" hardened ball bearings.
  • Rollers supported by a "captivated" 11/16'' hex shaft.
  • Load rating is 750 lbs. per roller.

Pressure & Return Rollers: 2-1/2'' O.D. x 10 Ga. wall "Spring Retained."

  • Counter-bored to accept a grease-packed bearing supported by a 5/8 '' hex shaft.
  • Pressure rollers are located alternately between Load Carrying rollers (approx 6'').
  • Return Rollers are supported at each support leg.

Pressure Racks: 2'' x 2'' x 1/4'' Structural Angle Weldment with vertical adjustment.

  • Universal pressure rollers frame permit easy field conversion from standard power to accumulating conveyor.

Support Legs: Full-width weldment, which is free-standing and supports the conveyor at each Midsection joint (except Drives & Take-Ups). Each leg has an angle brave weldment, which accepts the two sideframes when bolted on the side and bottom to literally lock conveyor section in place, and makes it part of the leg weldment. This design provides the maximum in longitudinal rigidity.

Belting: 15'' wide Nylock cord woven with PVC face providing 120 lbs. per inch of width tensile strength.

  • Belts are available (upon request) cut to length and prelaced with clippard lacing

Conveyor Height: 12'' TOR minimum with Leg Extensions available for other heights required.

Voltage: System Voltage is 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz with 115 volt, single-phase control voltage.

Conveyor Features

"Drop-In" Rollers: Eliminates pinching hazards and provides maintenance access to drive and controls.

End Guards: Safety Guards are provided at the ends of Drive or Take-Up Sections, which are exposed to cover moving drive components.

Drive Motor Disconnects: Three-phase switches provided for all drive motors, which conform to the maintenance "lock-out/tag-out" requirements.

Internal Photoeyes: All photoeyes are mounted underneath the conveyor to eliminate tripping hazards and protect them from damage.

Normally Off Controls: Drive Motor is energized only when material is present on the conveyor which reduces unwanted wear on the conveyor and provides energy conservation for the end user.

Crosswalks: Employee crossover is provided with "drop-in" crosswalks. These units simply replace a roller and can be easily added or moved when required.

Zero Energy Compliance
: Electrical and Pneumatic Disconnects at the Control Panel allow system to be totally disabled including the exhaust of trapped air in the system. OSHA Regulation #29CFR1910.147.

Installation Materials (optional): Engineered Conduit Layouts and prelabeled Wire Bundles allow installation downtime to be minimized.

Chain-Assist Rollers (optional): Chain-Driven Rollers are provided at the ends of drives and/or take-up sections when drive is required to the end rollers.

Roller Surfacing (optional): Load Carrying Rollers can be "surfaced" to provide additional drive in pallet applications.

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