C&M Conveyor's Mesh Ball (MBC) Bundle Conveyor System is a must for load forming operations, allowing you to achieve transfer rates in excess of 20 bundles per minute.

This innovative transfer device utilizes the durable Modular Ball-Belt technology to give you the ability to side-shift, right-angle transfer in one or two directions, rotate, and load build on the device in a smaller footprint. It will improve your efficiency at the load former by grouping bundles together, side-by-side, rotating orientation and reducing operator interface.

Lateral product movement is achieved by utilizing internally mounted powered belts, which ride under and drive the balls in the Modular Ball-Belt.

Designed to transfer single bundles or accumulate and transfer multiple bundles. With fewer moving parts and no pneumatics, your bundle-building operations will benefit from the low maintenance and high uptime.


* Custom options available on request
** Variable depending on application.

Features and Benefits
Allows bundle transfer/orientation manipulation in a small footprint

  • Increases product throughput

Variable Speed Discharge

  • Tailor throughput as required based on bundle type

Processes tied or untied bundles

  • Offers broad flexibility on bundle types that can be processed


  • Radius corners reduce sharp edge injury risk, and belt has closed surface with fully-flush edge
  • No backstops required

Modular Design

  • Optional on-board drives available to allow the device to be self-contained

Low maintenance

  • Grease-packed drivetrain

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ball belt bundler conveyor
mesh ball belt conveyor close up of roller balls
mesh ball belt conveyor underneath drive rollers