C&M commences operations in Mitchell, IN, and begins manufacturing conveying equipment for the corrugated industry.

C&M relocates to its current facility in Mitchell, IN.

C&M introduces new transfer cars with radio frequency communication for improved reliability and automation.

C&M expands its facility to 44,000 square feet and installs its initial CIMs system/automated work-in-process staging system.

United Dominion Industries acquires C&M.

United Dominion Industries is acquired by SPX Corporation.

C&M introduces Mesh Top Belt Conveyor eliminating “sheet-walk” and providing an improved handling surface for all types of hard-to-convey materials. Also provides a work surface for operators involved in Base Sheet Insertion, Load Preparation for Strapping, or Operator Crossings.

A new company was formed by HKW Capital Partners II, LP.  C&M management and others acquire the assets of C&M Conveyor, Inc.

C&M completes the acquisition of Automated Systems Technologies, Inc., diversifying C&M’s product offering to the corrugated market and expanding the Company’s presence in the folding carton and commercial printing industries. We expand manufacturing capacity by 36,000 square feet.

C&M completes major systems and process improvement initiatives, incorporating cellular manufacturing techniques and lean thinking programs.

Blue Sage Capital invests with existing members of the management team to help C&M advance to an even higher level of performance and extend the company’s competitive advantage within the corrugated industry and expand into new market segments.

C&M completes new Administrative Offices and Design Center in Bloomington, IN.

C&M introduces its fully automated Pallet Dispensing solution, dispensing single pallets from a stack, handling both wooden and plastic pallets of varying sizes and designs.

C&M completes renovation and expansion of manufacturing plant in Mitchell, IN, facilitating efficient work flows and increasing production capacity.

C&M introduces its fully automated Desheeter, automatically removing the bottom sheet from customer orders that do not require a bottom sheet.