Our standard Chain Driven Power Conveyor has rollers spaced on 4'' centers and is used to ensure positive drive. A version of this unit is also commonly used for a Baler Discharge. The rollers are spaced on 6'' centers to allow pieces of scrap that would usually get stuck in a standard Belt-Driven Conveyor, to fall thru the Conveyor onto the floor. CDLR is shown on a Transfer Car.

Drive: 1 hp totally enclosed industrial rated 1750 rpm gear-motor with reversing capability. Drive Package located within and under the device.

Chain Driven Rollers: Heavy Duty 3-1/2'' diameter wall thickness Rollers spaced on either 4'' or 6'' centers.

  • Rollers include a 1'' diameter C.R.S. shaft, mounted in a 2-hole flange bearing (re-greasable).
  • Rollers are mounted in a 4'' x 3'' structural angle sideframe.
  • Load rating is 750 lbs. per roller.

: 30-60 fpm.

Preassembly: Unit is wired at the factory.

Unit Height: 12'' TOR minimum with Leg Extensions available for other heights.

Capacity: 5,000 lbs. maximum.

Voltage: System voltage is 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz with 115 volt, single phase control voltage.

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Chain-driven live roller conveyor
chain-driven live roller conveyor