Chief Commercial Officer Randy Grube reports: “We are pleased to announce several initiatives for 2020 to help our customers reduce their labor cost and increase production through their plants at both high volume areas and individual converting machines.

“One of our major product emphases for 2020 is our Dunnage Transfer System (DTS) product rollouts. We displayed the basic machine in our booth at the Fall 2019 Tappi show in Denver. We have expanded the capabilities of the system displayed to offer the ability to custom cut dunnage to make every finished unit sent to your customer look clean and consistent. This can be done with any corrugated sheets or corrugator waste sheets that will be cut to size for the individual unit. Options also exist for customer dunnage sized for unusual shaped units or die cuts. Dunnage sheets can be stored and delivered to the Dunnage Transfer System to allow for fully automatic operation and also allow for the system to operate at a high throughput to maximize the flow through mainline banding systems.

“The DTS system works hand-in-hand with our Visual Strap System, which utilizes an overhead camera to document the size and shape of units for exact strap placement and dunnage sizing with a visual preview for the operator for confirmation. Combined with the low maintenance and high throughput of C&M’s Ball Belt Turntable (BBTT), we offer the fastest, most reliable, automated mainline banding systems in the industry. As we continue to move the bottlenecks downstream, we also have methods to increase the efficiency of the shipping area after the banding system in plants using our conveyor and software algorithms to pre-stage trailer loads. We coordinate the pre-staging with your plant’s customer service software to ensure just-in-time delivery at your customer’s dock.

“We are also constantly improving and enhancing our Computer Inventory Management System (CIMS) which allows for full plant automation and material handling from the roll room to your shipping docks. The system is now capable of a greater level of diagnostics and real time information to allow for just-in-time material flow as well as real time scrap tracking throughout your plant. At the converting machine level, we are also constantly improving and bringing out new and custom products in our Ball Belt Conveyor line of products that we pioneered in the corrugated industry to get the greatest productivity through your plant.

“In summary, we are excited about 2020, and our entire team is focused on bringing new and enhanced products to our customers to make them more profitable. Our team of skilled workers is committed to providing the best solution to our customers’ material handling needs.”

Randy Grube