A Three-Stage Approach to Plant Safety

There is a three-stage approach to implement when seriously considering safety at a corrugated packaging plant, or any manufacturing plant for that matter.

The first step is to keep anyone from getting near a moving part. Secondly, if that’s unavoidable, you want to make sure to provide audible and visual warnings. The final stage is mitigation—if someone manages to get into a situation they shouldn’t be in, you must provide additional protection.

C&M Conveyor believes in this philosophy and provides safety features to meet and exceed OSHA and CEMA standards on the conveying equipment we manufacture. These include such features as:


  • Disconnect, lockout and tag-out features to provide safety for maintenance personnel
  • Guarding any moving components of our equipment, such as rotating shafts and moving chains and belts
  • Laser detection—scanning areas adjacent to moving equipment to bring to a full stop if personnel are present in a pathway
  • Egress crossovers for conveyors to prevent contact with moving surfaces


  • Signage and labels—operational advice for users of our equipment warning of pinch points, locations of egress, power wattage and voltage
  • Visual and audio alarms to promote awareness during operational periods


  • Pop-out rollers—rollers will self-remove if pinch potential occurs
  • Slow moving (<5mph) transfer and shuttle cars adjacent to personnel areas
  • Bumpers on moving equipment
  • Emergency stop buttons on all conveying equipment

Safety is a core value of C&M Conveyor. We practice a continuous improvement program in our plant whereby the whole company has a responsibility to increase the safety level of our equipment by identifying potential improvements.

When we design new equipment, we look to reduce the number of moving parts or to internalize moving parts and power supplies to provide as many safety-features and guards as possible. Doing so minimizes the number of pinch points or other potential causes of injury to employees.

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